2019. March 13. 12:20

Global Property – Global Power

Barnabás Lenkovics
lawyer, university professor, former President of the Constitutional Court of Hungary

Published in: Public Finance Quarterly 2019/1. (p. 149-164.)

Summary: How can the classic scientific categories be construed under the new circumstances, in global contexts? How do the global system of property and the global division of assets develop? Is there a chance for the more fair, by now global distribution and redistribution of public goods? Will the global ownership power become even more concentrated or is it divisible? Does the global property have social responsibility as well, and how may that be enforced? Are the human rights related to property and social security universal or are they territorial? Can the national state balances of social solidarity knocked over in the hope for global solidarity? The study searches the answers for these questions and tries to help in searching for the ever compelling common answers.

Keywords: globalization, property system, division of assets, division of power, global re-distribution, territorial rights

JEL codes: F6, H23, K10

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