2020. September 21. 11:45

Volume 65., 2020/3. Issue

Focus - Covid - shock - therapy

Vivien Czeczeli – Pál Péter Kolozsi – Gábor Kutasi – Ádám Marton: Economic Exposure and Crisis Resilience in Exogenous Shock

László Török: Rise of Public Debt in EU Countries Due to the Coronavirus

Elemér Terták – Levente Kovács: Challenges to Social Protection and Social Cohesion in Crisises in the Financial Sector

Katalin Botos: Lives and Livelihoods


Amina Malik – Babar Zaheer Butt – Shahab Ud Din – Haroon Aziz: Impact of Earnings Variability and Regulatory Measures on Income Smoothening in Islamic Banks

Zsuzsanna Szalay – László Vértesy – Zsuzsanna Novák: Strengthening the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector by Switching to Bills and Notes

Edina Erb Cziglerné: The Re-emergence of the Residual Income Model in the Valuation of Firms and Investment Projects

Bibliography Review

Csaba Lentner: East of Europe, West of Asia (Viktor Milanov)