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About us
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Journal of Public Finance Quarterly, published every quarter (four times a year)
Founder and Owner: Ministry of Finance, Hungary, since May 1954, State Audit Office, Hungary, since July 2005
The Public Finance Quarterly welcomes to receive professional papers in English and/or Hungarian. It is to be noted that articles capable of attracting international interest are published by the Editorial Committee in both languages in the same issue. This professional periodical deals mainly with the issues of public finances, is published quarterly under the administration of the State Audit Office of Hungary as editor, it includes in a single volume the Hungarian and English versions of the published writings, has more than fifty year tradition, an up-to-date typographic design, a permanent structure of topics for the published writings and has undergone a major renewal resulting in an enrichment of its' contents.


The Public Finance Quarterly pursues the primary goal of providing a credible picture on the financial systems, the main features of the operations of public sector and national economy, the efforts to catch up with economically developed countries and build future and on the related professional debates. Other goals are to achieve that the professional results published in our periodical are utilized as much as possible, promote the spreading of a better financial culture, provide solid foundations for decision-making in the fields of finance and economic policy, and contribute to good governance.

Primarily, we publish in the periodical articles analyzing monetary and fiscal policies from a theoretical or empirical point of view. Likewise, we welcome practical assessments, analyses on financial and accounting issues that were prepared by using Hungarian or international databanks. Articles presenting novelties in financial instruments, derivatives, accounting techniques (of corporations/national accounts alike) or introducing how to calculate the yield and risk of financial investments, securities, loans or scrutinizing the development of financial sector (e.g. that of the Stock Exchange, money market) in a macroeconomic context are also well received. Public Finance Quarterly intends to expand the scope of financial knowledge in Hungary through publishing the most up-to-date theories, approaches. Therefore, we are also awaiting articles on financial mathematics, or studies that belong professionally to the forefront and introduce the latest financial innovations, techniques. The bibliography reviews included in the periodical on recently published books serve the same purpose.

If you would like to publish in Public Finance Quarterly please read carefully and follow the Journal’s guide to publishing (https:/for-authors) and send your manuscript to the following e-mail address: szemle AT asz DOT hu.

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