Call for Papers!

The Public Finance Quarterly deals mainly with the issues of public finances, is published quarterly under the administration of the State Audit Office of Hungary as editor, includes in a single volume the Hungarian and English versions of the published writings, has more than fifty year tradition, up-to-date typographic design, a permanent structure of topics for the published writings and undergone a major renewal resulting in an enrichment of the contents.

The editorial board of Public Finance Quarterly defined the focus topics of 2021, which are the following:

  1. Social, economic and financial implications of the epidemic and control, what will change after the epidemic?
  2. Economics of the digital age. The economic dimensions of information security and control
  3. Crisis resilience, sustainability and competitiveness of strategic sectors of the national economy
  4. Decay in the balance, change in economic thinking about equilibrium, how and when the economy can return to equilibrium
  5. Use of EU funds. The EU 's long-term budgetary recovery package for 2021-27

Planned special issues for 2021-2022

  1. Digitalization
  2. Measurement methods, performance appraisal, risk, change and performance management in the public sector
  3. Internal controll

In case you have a study or recent research results on the highlighted or other for the periodical relevant topics – in line with scientific standards – please contact us.

You can send your application to the e-mail address or personally through the Financial Review secretariat at
+36 1 484 9117

In order for the article to appear in the given issue, we will need to get the articles published in a timely manner no later than one and a half months before the release, so we can get the proofreading, editing and translation. That is to say we count on the arrival of the studies for the first issue, until 15th February, for the second issue, until 15th May, for the third issue until August 15th and for the fourth issue, until November 15.

The length of the articles should not exceed 40,000 characters (with spaces), in specific case maximum 50,000 characters. You can check detailed author guide on


                                       László Domokos, PhD                                                          Prof. Dr. Erzsébet Németh
                               Chairman of Editorial Committee                                                            Senior Editor