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Income Distribution, Social Cohesion and Value Structure

12:11, szeptember 06, 2011.

István György Tóth
CEO, TÁRKI Social Research Institute

Published in: Public Finance Quarterly 2011/3 (p. 379-385.)

SUMMARY: My presentation deals with income distribution, social cohesion and value structure. Assuming that the future work of the Fiscal Council will also involve consultations with institutions that deal with forecasts for the macroeconomic path, I trust that during these consultations the forecasts of Kopint-Tárki (Kopint-Tárki, 2011) will also be put on the agenda. Here and now, following the presentation of past processes, I am going to discuss the significance of income distribution from the aspect of planning the next budget. The data used are based on data recorded about one year ago, and characterise the year 2009 (Tárki, 2010). To some extent they already show the effects of the crisis, but a review of the effects of the crisis and crisis management on social structure would require more recent data.

KEYWORDS: income distribution, social cohesion, value structure


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