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Measuring the Macroeconomic Performance of Public Finance Management

18:33, február 18, 2020.
Gyula Pulay
associate professor, head of department, University of Miskolc, Miskolc,
Director of Audit, State Audit Office of Hungary

József Simon
PhD, associate professor, Eötvös József College, Baja,
Audit Manager, State Audit Office of Hungary, Budapest

Published in: Public Finance Quarterly 2020/special edition (p. 23-43.)

Summary: In international practice, the performance of public finance management is usually assessed on the basis of quality indicators of the subsystems of the public finance system. The experts of the State Audit Office of Hungary have developed an evaluation system capable of measuring the performance of public finance management on the basis of quantitative indicators and quantifying the contribution of the factors that determine performance most. This article describes this system. It also shows how the assessment system was used to analyse the risks to the ongoing reduction of Hungarian public debt.

Keywords: public finance management, assessment system, measurement, state indebtedness

JEL codes: H61, H68, E62, P48


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