Public Finance Quarterly Archive

Volume LVI., 2011/3. Issue

21:46, szeptember 04, 2011.


László Domokos: Credibility and Flexibility

Pál Péter Kolozsi: The Factors Determining the Macroeconomic Environment of the 2012 Budget

András Simor: The Macroeconomic and Institutional Context of the 2012 Budget

György Kocziszky: Can the Growth Rate of Regional Disparities Be Halted?

Gyula Pulay: Preparations of the State Audit Office of Hungary for the Analysis of the Macroeconomic Risks to the State Budget

Erzsébet Gém: Development of Internal Demand and Bank Lending

András Inotai: After the Crisis?

István György Tóth: Income Distribution, Social Cohesion and Value Structure


Decline of the Virtual Financial World?

Balázs Botos: The Metamorphosis of Industrial Policy

(Csaba Lentner)

A Painfully Topical Issue

Endre Béla Huff: Ethical Control in the Planning, Management and Auditing of the General Government and Public Finances

(Pál Péter Kolozsi)


Olivér Kovács: Thrown-up Stone? Facts and Trends in the XXIst Century